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(AGES 3-4)

This class uses coaching techniques that are specially designed for younger athletes. (*Child must be potty trained to attend class.)


Increase fine motor skill movements, coordination, balance, strength & flexibility.


Begin learning handstands, cartwheels, and forward & backward roles.

Class Length:  50 minutes
Tuition:  $75 / mo



(AGES 5+)


Increase flexibility, core and upper body strength, and prepare athletes for Levels 1-6.


Teach and perfect all entry-level skills in tumbling and jumps, and incorporate these skills to 8 counts.  Left and right cartwheels, handstands for blocking and rebounding, back bend kickover, round-off variations, and introduction to all single jumps such as herkies, front hurdlers, toe touches and pikes.

Class Length:  60 minutes
Tuition:  $75 / mo


(AGES 6+)


This class is for athletes who want to improve their jumps, flexibility, & flyer positions. (*Although we will work some on flyer positions, this class is not just for flyers since we will be focusing a lot of time on flexibility & jumps too.)  


Teach and perfect jumps technique & rotating hips. We will be incorporating drills to help with the athletes's jump height & flexibility. We will also work on flyer's body positions to help them achieve more stability in the air. Athletes will throughly stretch to help improve their jumps & flyer positions.

Class Length:  60 minutes
Tuition:  $75 / mo


(Ages 6+)


Athletes must be able to do  the following skills confidently without a spotter.

  • Cartwheel

  • Round Off

  • Back Bend Kickover


  1. Levels 1-6  tumbling is an all-inclusive class where athletes of all levels are brought into one large class that is then divided into smaller, level appropriate groups and are set on rotations between jumps, standing tumbling, running tumbling, & specialty  tumbling.

  2. Each rotation will last 20 minutes so that all athletes will get  a full 60 minutes of tumbling.

  3. Athletes will need to arrive stretched & ready to go. Class will begin promptly at the half hour.

Class Length:  60 minutes
Tuition:  $75 / mo



(Ages 6+)

**Contact the office front desk to setup an evaluation. 918-998-8060 /**


Must be able to do the following skills confidently without a spotter & proper form.


  • Standing Back

  • Jumps to Back

  • Two to Layout

  • Two to Full


  • Round Off Back Handspring Layout

  • Round Off Back Handspring Full

  • Specialty Round Off Back Handspring Full


This class will be taught by Glen Phibbs & is invite only. Athletes will be working perfecting all beginner/intermediate level 6 skills, and to progress through advanced/elite level 6 skills.


Athletes will work on the following skills:

  • Advanced Specialty to Full (ex: punch front step out to full, whip through to full, arabian step out to full, whip whip full, front handspring front to tuck, & other speciality variations to full)

  • Double Fulls

  • Speciality to Double Full

Class Length:  60 minutes
Tuition:  $75 / mo

school cheer tryout CLINICS

(6th grade

& Up)

Now is the time to start preparing for school cheer tryouts!!


Athletes must be going into 6th grade or up.


We will work on the following to help prepare athletes for the tryout process:

  • spirited entrance

  • voice projection

  • motion technique

  • jump technique & execution

  • receive evaluation on what standing & running tumbling pass to incorporate into your spirited entrance

  • participate in a mock tryout & receive feedback

We will NOT be doing any tumbling spotting or training. We are only evaluating tumbling skills an athlete currently has.

There will be a total of 10 clinic dates offered. You can sign up for as many or few nights as you would like.

Clinic Length:  90 minutes / 7:30pm-9:00pm
Price:  $25 / per clinic

tumbling clinics

Join us for a tumbling clinic with the SoCo coaches!!

The types of tumbling skills taught will vary depending on the type of tumbling clinic.

Athletes must be ages 5 & up.

To view the schedule & types of tumbling clinics currently offered, click the "ENROLL" button.

Clinic Length:  90 minutes 
Price:  $30 / per clinic
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